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Meadowview First is a group of citizens commtted to working toward the long-term, sustainable economic and development of Meadowview, Virginia. We also seek to preserve this area’s rich cultural, historic and environmental resources, using them to enrich the quality of life for all people of Meadowview. Our mission focuses on building an atmosphere in Meadowview that empowers citizens and creates open communication between individuals and groups, facilitating community-wide involvement and participation in aspects of the communities life. We also affirm values of fairness, honesty, mutal respect and equality as central to our work and vision for what Meadowview can become.

Meadowview citizens have a long history of taking on community projects, against all odds, and delivering success.  The Meadowview Civic Club has been active since the mid-1920s.  In the last ten years, this organization is responsible for paving the town square, planting trees around the square, providing scholarships and recognitions to students at Meadowview Elementary, raising funds to be used in the community, initiating the first efforts at establishing a community center for all the people of the area.  Other local organizations with a long history of service to the community are the Meadowview Volunteer Fire Department, the Meadowview Ruritan Club, and the alumnae of the old Meadowview High School.  Realizing that the work of bringing the community together for this project and overseeing the planning of a comprehensive community center was very complex, in a community-wide public meeting, citizens agreed to form the Meadowview First Steering Committee.  An incorporated 501c3, nonprofit organization, Meadowview First, Inc., is made up of persons from every civic group in the community, representatives of a majority of the churches, and persons representing a broad cross-section of age, race, gender, and professional experience.  Meadowview First, Inc. has conducted public meetings to gather community ideas, with 100 or more participants at each meeting.

Over the last five years, Meadowview First has acquired and managed grant funds and private donations to acquire property for the health clinic. After identifying the need for a health clinic the community has single-mindedly worked to establish it. In little more than six months, the citizens of Meadowview worked together to raise over $800,000 in pledges, gifts, and grants to match contributions from the Commonwealth of Virginia Block Grant Program.

Moreover, citizens have agreed to take personal responsibility for a forty-year fixed-rate loan from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Program to insure that enough funding is available for this construction. The Meadowview Health Clinic will increase access to primary health care services for the uninsured and medically underserved.


Meadowview First, Inc. is a 501c3 organization.  Its Board of Directors represents a broad cross section of the Meadowview community, including a diversity of racial and economic backgrounds.  The organization’s mission is to work for sustainable economic and community development in Meadowview.  Over the last five years, Meadowview First has acquired and managed grant funds and private donations to acquire property for the health clinic and have the site prepared for construction.

Meadowview First, Inc. Founding Board of Directors:
Ben Addison
Fred Buckles
Ned Hayter
Joyce Lindsey
Ken Parker
Phyllis Price
Laura Ryburn
Bill Mink
Scott Sikes
Tal Stanley
Susan Yates

Persons wishing to make donations to the work of Meadowview First, Inc. may do so by mailing their gifts to: 

Meadowview First, Inc.
Post Office Box 530
Meadowview, Virginia 24361

All gifts are tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law.



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