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Bill Mink Honored - April 2013

Bill Mink was presented a plaque “in recognition and appreciation for fifty years of service as a charter member of the Meadowview Volunteer Fire Department.”

The presentation was made during a special reception held prior to a meeting on Monday, April 1, 2013. Mink had announced a month earlier, in a letter to the department members, that he intended to take his Lifetime Membership status effective on April 1. That status means that he continues to be a member, but is no longer actively responding to calls. Prior to that date, he had been the only remaining charter member still serving in the fire department.

March also marked the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Meadowview Volunteer Fire Department.

Mink was Assistant Chief of the MVFD for 26 years. He has been in charge of the annual Gospel Singing each August for the past several years and has been an invaluable public relations representative. His experience and leadership will be missed.

Mink is currently president of the Washington County Firemen’s Association, as has served in that capacity for numerous one-year terms.

In his letter, Mink said he was very proud to have served with the many good men and women who have been associated with the MVFD as well as those in other departments in and around Washington County druing those fifty years.

New Fire Truck

Meadowview Volunteer Fire Department recently put a new truck into service.  The 2009 Pierce Pumper on an International Chassis was purchased for $331,959.  When all the new equipment was added on the total investment is approximately $382,000.

1965 - Meadowview Ambulance and Fire Trucks - provided by Roy Fugate

The pictures were made in 1965 before the fire hall was ever built. Kept behind Dan Ryan's service station at the time.


Essay by Ben Addison - July 11, 2007

While walking recently past the monument in front of the Meadowview Fire Hall I noticed that this next October will mark 20 years since the passing of Dan Ryan. It hardly seems he could be that long gone, but he left his indelible mark on this small village.

As the opening of the new Meadowview Medical Clinic and Community Center nears I wonder what Dan would think of what has taken place.

To those who did not know him Dan may have seemed a simple man and as common as grass, but he was a shrewd business man with various investments including the service station he and his wife Stella operated on the square for many years. They also sold general merchandise, welcomed visitors to town and nearly always hosted a small group of local folks who would reminisce about days gone by, exchange funny stories or solve the world’s problems.

Dan focused a lot of attention on solving Meadowview’s problems, and while no one has held an elected office in Meadowview since it gave up the town charter many decades ago, I would frequently encounter people in nearby towns who referred to Dan as the unofficial "mayor" of Meadowview.

Indeed he was a man of vision and, though not an active politician, he certainly knew how to get things done.

Dan worked with several other residents to organize the Meadowview Volunteer Fire Department and he served as it’s chief for many years. I think he would be proud today of the way members keep the fire hall and the vehicles neat and clean and ready to respond to the next call. He would be glad to know that each member has up to date turnout gear, boots and helmets for protection and modern equipment with which to fight fires, extricate victims from automobile crashes and respond to other emergencies.

He would also be proud that the county’s elected officials are doing a much better job of providing adequate funding to equip each department. This was another effort to which Dan devoted much time.

Many years ago several members of the volunteer fire department spent many hours of hard work in renovating the old fire hall to make it into a suitable doctor’s office, so that Meadowview would then be served by a doctor who Dan had helped recruit to the community.

I believe Dan would be proud of the Meadowview Civic Club’s efforts to improve and beautify the square and of the annual Apple Butter Festival which fills the square with crowds of people one Saturday in October the way it was once filled nearly every Saturday.

Dan was certainly not the only person to contribute his time, money, efforts and talents to making Meadowview a better community. Fortunately there are many capable men and women who have been and continue to be willing to do so. It would be foolish to attempt to name them all here.

I hope the Maiden family will be proud of the way in which the new community center was designed to resemble as closely as possible the structure where they built a good business which provided employment for many in the community.

Today, as the community center is readied to welcome area residents to learn, to gather for meetings and celebrations, as a new medical clinic staff prepares to serve the needs of local folks for whom medical care is otherwise out of reach; Dan would probably show a wide grin, a trickle of tobacco juice escaping from the corner of his mouth, and he would be the first to say there is much work still to be done, but I believe Dan Ryan would be proud.

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