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March 16, 2021 UPDATE: The following guidelines have been implemented for the health and safety of the community.

  1. Due to concerns related to COVID-19 Federal & State guidelines, all existing bookings through July 2021 shall be cancelled and full refunds granted.
  2. No new bookings will be accepted until further notice.

The Meadowview Community Center is not taking new reservations during the Corona Virus (COVID19) health emergency. This is part of the Community Mitigation and Social Distancing strategy outlined by the Virginia Department of Health and the CDC.


To rent the community center, please contact:
Gail Bricker
(276) 695-9268


Community Center Reservation Form
(revised November, 2018)

Meadowview Community Center
General Rules, Regulations & Policy Information (updated Nov 2018)

Statement of Purpose

The Meadowview Community Center is designed as a service facility for the entire community regardless of race, creed, religion or national origin. In addition to the medical clinic, it is intended to provide a convenient place where persons of all ages can meet in a wholesome atmosphere to enjoy social gatherings, learning, plus entertaining and/or enlightening programs.

Meadowview First, Inc. is a steering committee comprised of local representatives who will administer the use of these facilities. We intend to maintain a clean and useful building of which everyone in the community can be proud. Toward that end we offer the following restrictions, which we ask everyone to respect and follow:

The following are NOT allowed inside the Meadowview Community Center:

• Animals of any kind, except for service animals assisting someone with disabilities.

• Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or abuse of prescription or over-the-counter medications.

• Chewing gum

• Clothing that is inappropriate to wear in public, including dress that might be too revealing or include offensive language or art. Shoes, shirts and, of course, pants, shorts, skirts or dresses must be worn for any and all events in the community center.

• Profanity or otherwise offensive language, inappropriate behavior, carousing, horseplay, fighting, overtly sexual or otherwise indecent acts.

• Firearms or any devices generally considered to be weapons, including knives with blades longer than 5 inches, unless used in a pre-approved display for educational or historic purposes. An exception is made for law enforcement officers on duty.

• Food or beverages around computers or other electronic devices.

• Graffiti or any form of marking or carving on facility walls, ceilings, furnishings or decorations.

• Use of nails, tacks, staples, glue, tape or other means to attach balloons, streamers or posters to walls, ceilings or furnishings. The only exception would be the use of materials which would not damage the painted or wooden surface.

• ANY act which defaces the property or potentially compromises the health and safety, causes harm, discomfort or insult to any patron or in any way lessens the ability of someone else to enjoy use of these facilities.

NOTE: Vandalism, theft or the use of illegal substances are crimes and violators will be prosecuted.

If damage to this facility occurs during your rental period, your deposit will be forfeited, and you will be responsible for the cost of repairs. Your use of this facility in the future may be denied.


Youth under the age of 13, not in a supervised activity, must have adult supervision. Parents are responsible for their child(ren) at all times. The Meadowview Community Center staff reserves the right to discipline any child(ren) and approach the parents if there is a problem.

School-aged children are not allowed in the facility during school hours unless attending a supervised activity.


Proper caution and care should be maintained with regard to personal valuables. Neither the

Meadowview Community Center staff nor Meadowview First, Inc. is responsible for lost, stolen

or misplaced articles.


• All facilities will be made available on a first come, first served basis.

• Regularly scheduled programs generally take priority over rentals.

• Persons or groups may rent portions of the facility. A rental fee is required of private parties and is payable at the time a reservation is made. Payment may be in cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Refunds will be made in the event cancellation is made at least two weeks prior to the date scheduled.

• Civic or charitable organizations are not required to pay a rental fee, but events must be scheduled for availability.

• Anyone using the kitchen: however, is required to pay a $35.00 fee/deposit, $25.00 of which will be refunded if the kitchen is left clean and no utensils, appliances, or dinnerware must be replaced, and there is no damage to furnishings or carpets.

• Trash bags, vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies are provided.

• Events held as fund-raisers must have prior approval of the Meadowview First, Inc. Board of Directors. The board currently meets the last Tuesday of each month, but meeting dates are subject to change, so be sure to make those requests well ahead of the date you are requesting use of the facility.

RENTAL FEES: Please understand that a $25 return check fee will be required for any "bounced" check!!

The rate applies to either the front meeting area or the conference room:

$10.00 per hour

There is a minimum rental charge of $30.00 for up to three (3) hours.

The rental period includes time needed for set-up and clean-up. Your deposit will be forfeited if you exceed the rental period.


Door-to-door community surveys conducted in March 2002 and in October and November 2004 documented that in Meadowview, Virginia, one in three families lack health insurance, 49% of residents are elderly or disabled, and 66% identify as low or moderate income.  Twenty-one percent of residents travel thirty miles or more for basic health care services.  

There are meeting rooms and gathering places, including a large kitchen that is available for community events and social gatherings. The structure has been designed to recreate, as close as possible, the appearance of the old H.B. Maiden & Son building which previously occupied that site.

The citizens of Meadowview have spearheaded all of the actions taken to ensure that this facility becomes a reality.  After identifying the need for a health clinic, the community has single-mindedly worked to establish it, including partnering with Crossroads Mobile Medical Mission to provide an interim response to the health care crisis.  Citizens have agreed to take personal responsibility for a forty-year fixed-rate loan from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Program to insure that enough funding is available for this construction.  The Board of Directors of Meadowview First also is committed to having Washington County hold a twenty-year lien on the building to ensure that it serve its intended purpose long into the future.  

Persons wishing to make donations to the work of Meadowview First, Inc. may do so by mailing their gifts to:

Meadowview First, Inc.
Post Office Box 530
Meadowview, Virginia 24361

All gifts are tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law.



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