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Rob Cullop, Dan Ryan and Gene Rowe  (1985) Old Train steaming past Meadowview Depot - 1985
V.D. Kendrick and the new steeple at Meadowview UMC Gene Rowe, Bertie Carter, and Sam McVey (1985)

Ernestine Weaver

The John Bailey Family

GC Culberson's 1939 Pontiac and his trademark smile!

Dot Culberson and GC's 1939 Yellow Pontiac Convertible


Provided by Paul V. Price

Meadowview Church - I am guessing around 1930-1935





Here is a picture of my Grandfather and Grandmother's house in Meadowview, Va. It was originally the Kendrick Building. It was built in 1883.  It was sold in 1918.

Several people had owned the building when my grandfather Floyd Parris purchased it. He was the Veterinarian at that time and his office was in the front of the building along with Save the Children Federation Store.  

We lived in the downstairs and my Aunt Glenna Neal and Aunt Ethylene Crosswhite and their families lived in the 2 apartments upstairs. The house was a special place were all their children and grandchildren gathered. I have wonderful memories of my time spent in this house as do all of my cousins.  I would love for the Meadowview First committee to make a model of this house to sell as it is the earliest store building built in Meadowview.   

My Grandmother sold the house in the early 50's.  It was later purchased in 1958 by Dan Ryan. My Aunt Mary Gregory and her family lived in the Sue Maiden apartments across from my grandparents house. My mother died when I was a year old and my father and I moved to my Grandparents house. I later lived with my Aunt and Uncle (Susie and Otis Morrison). He was the barber in Madowview. As you can see this house is very special to all the Parris family and the decedents.

Submitted by: Virginia Parris Stallard, Roanoke, Virginia

Provided by Paul V. Price

This picture was taken from the hill where Dr. Phelps lived, at the top of the hill is Henry Gregory's house and barn, the Old School House the "Old Timers" talked about amd the Pentacostal Church.

In the middle is Lee K. Haynes' General Store and two other stores that I don't remember in my life time, they are on the north side of the railroad and to the right of the Methodist Church (not shown in the pic). The small white building is a barn that is behind Morse Godbey's house and just to the right and slightly below is a two story house that stood where Stuart Casey now lives. When Smity Smith and Family (Judge Chippy Smith's Dad) lived in Meadowview, that is where they lived.

Then of course the depot and a building that was where "The Floyd Parris Building" stood (now is Ryan's). The building in front of the depot is the H. B. Maiden and Sons Building.  


Meadowview Virginia circa 1900


Meadowview 1974


Remember this?  In the yard across from the Methodist Church.

Meadowview 1991

Meadowview 1989

Meadowview 1986

Apple Butter Festival 2003

Meadowview Depot

Cozy Corner